Charity : Water

Experiential and Digital

Insight: Girls must walk 3.7 miles for their families’ water supply each day.

Big Idea: Walk with them.

During the hottest week of summer, the most used water fountains in New York City’s Central Park have screens added above and treadmills placed below them.

When the fountain’s button is pressed no water flows. Instead, this screen appears as the treadmill and countdown timer begin for a minute.

Park goers are informed that they are walking the same distance per 1 cup—8 fl oz—as the girls in the narrative.

The simulation continues as Charity: Water explains how it has helped girls facing similar adversity. Park goers are reassured that 100% of donations go toward helping the girls that they are walking with.

After the minute is over, the treadmill slows and a call to action is shown as the fountain shoots 1 cup—8 oz—of water.

Charity: Water calls upon the park goer to scan the QR code and donate toward well building projects. After each monetary goal of a well is reached, video narratives of other girls are shown.

iPhone users will be served a notification from the factory installed Health App if the accelerometer detects that the owner walked less than 3.7 miles by 2 pm on a hot summer day.

The iPhone user slides the notification which opens the Health App.

The user’s default fitness stats are displayed at the top of the Health App like normal. Below, the distance a girl has to walk for water is shown. More information, a call to action, and donation link are displayed beneath.