BIC Xtra Life mechanical pencils

Digital and Print

Insight: 60,000 trees are cut each year to make wooden pencils.

Big Idea: Wooden pencil use rips trees out of the ground.

A link launches the BIC Fallen Forest Calculator. This web app is a 10 question survey that estimates how many trees have been cut down in the last year to make the wooden pencils that the user has written with.

The questions gain insights on the user’s wooden pencil use. Key areas of interest include frequency of use, attitudes towards disposal, and number of pencils kept readily available.

While the app’s algorithm calculates the number of trees, users are told the statistics of how many trees are cut to make pencils per year and day.

Finally, the user is shown how many trees have been ripped from the ground to support their writing with wooden pencils over the the last year. There is a call to save the forests by choosing to no longer write with wooden pencils.